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Experience the spiritual significance with our 7-night, 8-day Umrah tour!


Discover the essence of Islamic spirituality with our 7-night, 8-day Umrah tour, carefully curated for a profound pilgrimage experience. Tailored for non-native English speakers, this tour promises a meaningful connection with faith in the holiest cities of Islam, Makkah and Madinah.


Day 1: Arrival in Makkah
Upon your arrival in Makkah, you'll be welcomed and settled into your hotel, a comfortable retreat that serves as your home during this sacred journey. After settling in, you'll have the privilege of performing Umrah, the pilgrimage that holds immense significance in Islam. The spiritual atmosphere of the Grand Mosque sets the tone for the days ahead, filled with devotion and reflection.


Day 2: Makkah - Daily Prayers
Engage in the spiritual rhythm of daily prayers at the Grand Mosque, surrounded by fellow pilgrims and the majestic architecture that signifies the heart of Islam. Take this opportunity for personal reflection, connecting with your faith in one of the holiest places on earth.


Day 3: Makkah - Ziarah and 2nd Umrah
Embark on a Ziyarah, a city tour of Makkah, where you'll explore the historical and cultural landmarks that enrich the tapestry of this sacred city. Following this enlightening tour, you'll perform your second Umrah, reinforcing your commitment to the spiritual journey.


Day 4: Makkah - Daily Prayers
Participate in the daily prayers at the Grand Mosque, fostering a sense of unity and devotion among the diverse group of pilgrims gathered for this shared experience. The day provides free time for personal exploration and spiritual contemplation.


Day 5: Makkah - Taif City Sightseeing and 3rd Umrah
Experience the diversity of the region with an excursion to Taif City, a city with a rich history and stunning landscapes. Following the sightseeing adventure, perform your third Umrah, marking another significant milestone in your spiritual journey.


Day 6: Check Out from Hotel in Makkah - Travel to Madinah
Bid farewell to Makkah as you check out from your hotel and embark on the journey to Madinah. The change of scenery provides a moment for reflection as you prepare for the next phase of your pilgrimage. Arriving in Madinah, you'll check into your hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 7: Madinah - Visit Rawza Mubarak
Explore the spiritual haven of Madinah by visiting the Rawza Mubarak, the Prophet's Mosque. Delve into the historical and cultural significance of this revered site, where the tranquility and spiritual energy create an atmosphere of profound serenity.


Day 8: Check Out from Madinah
Conclude your pilgrimage by checking out from your hotel in Madinah. Depart for Italy, carrying with you the spiritual nourishment gained during this sacred journey, and reflecting on the moments of devotion and connection experienced in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.


Join us on this profound Umrah tour, where spirituality, culture, and history converge for a deeply enriching and memorable pilgrimage. Experience the sacred traditions of Islam in a way that transcends language barriers, fostering a connection with your faith that lasts a lifetime.

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