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Tourism in Italy

According to ISTAT, Italy receives 65 million visitors year (2019), ranking sixth in terms of international tourist arrivals, but second to Spain in terms of hotel nights stayed, with 220,7 million nights spent by foreign visitors and a total of 436,7 million nights. According to Bank of Italy estimates from 2018, the tourist industry directly contributes more than 5% of the country's GDP (13% when indirect GDP is also taken into account) and employs more than 6% of the workforce

Most Popular Tourist Attraction In Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with many great places to visit. Discover the most popular tourist attraction in Italy on your way to get there. Here are some of the places most popular tourist attraction in Italy.

Immortalized in films from La Dolce Vita to Roman Holiday, The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Three Coins in a Fountain, Trevi Fountain is a beloved icon that’s a traditional stop on any visit to Rome. A coin tossed over the left shoulder (with the right hand) is supposed to guarantee a return trip.

The Trevi Fountain, also known as the “Fontana di Trevi,” is unquestionably the most
well-known fountain in Rome. Bernini originally created the baroque fountain in the
Piazza di Trevi plaza for Pope Clemens XII. The architect Nicola Salvi’s (less
expensive) revision delayed construction by another 50 years. The period of
construction was 1732–1762. The Trevi Fountain was featured in several movies,
including La Dolce Vita, Angels and Demons, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and Roman
Holiday, which contributed to the fountain’s prominence.

The Palazzo Poli building’s rear was the site of the almost 30-meter-high Trevi Fountain.
The statue of the sea deity Neptune is located in the center beneath the arch.

Italian Isola di Capri, Latin Capreae, is the name of an island in southern Italy’s
Campania area that is close to the southern entrance to the Bay of Naples. Capri Island is the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. It is located
across from the Sorrento peninsula, which it was once connected to. The island is a
single slab of limestone that is 3.9 miles (6.25 km) long, up to 1.8 miles wide, and
covers an area of 4 miles (10 km). In the west, at Monte Solaro, the island rises to a
height of 1,932 feet (589 meters). Its cliff-lined shoreline has two landing spots: the
open Marina Piccola on the south side, utilized when the north wind is exceptionally
strong, and the breakwater-protected Marina Grande on the north bank.


Vatican City, also known as Città del Vaticano in Italian, is a sovereign city-state in the
center of Rome that is headed by the Pope (Bishop of Rome). It serves as the Roman
Catholic Church’s main administrative hub.

Europe’s tiniest state is the Vatican. Its whole size is 0.44 km2, and inside its perimeter,
about 1000 people reside.

The Pope resides in this little nation, at the Apostolic Palace, which is encircled by
lovely grounds. The palace is accessible to the general public, however reservations are

With the signing of the Lateran Treaty by Pope Pius XI and Mussolini on February 11,
1929, the Vatican City was officially proclaimed autonomous from the rest of Italy.

Rome’s most iconic landmark is the Colosseum. It is a massive building with
approximately two thousand years of history that will transport you back in time to learn
about Roman Empire life. Colosseum is the most popular tourist attraction in Italy.

The Colosseum was built starting in the year 72 under Vespasian’s empire and was
completed in the year 80 under Titus’ control. The Colosseum was the largest Roman
amphitheater when it was finished, with dimensions of 188 meters in length, 156 meters
in breadth, and 57 meters in height.


Lario, another name for Lake Como, is the third-largest lake in Italy (after Lake Garda
and Lake Maggiore). One of the deepest lakes in Europe, Lake Como has a maximum
depth of about 410 meters (448 yards).

Its distinctive form, which resembles an inverted Y, is the consequence of glaciers
melting and the old Adda river’s erosive activity. Due to this, the two southern branches
were created, in the middle of which lies the renowned Bellagio.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in the world may be seen in Lake Como, which is
situated at the base of the Alps. You’ll be astonished to hear about the variety of
activities to do at Lake Garda if you plan to visit the Italian lakes.


The pantheon is not only the most replicated monument from the time of the Roman
Empire, but it is also the finest maintained. You really must visit it when you are in

The Piazza della Rotonda, a plaza in Rome’s ancient center, is where the Pantheon is
located. The facade and portico, which resemble Greek temples, look stunning when
viewed from the front.

Behind it, the rotunda is deceptively hidden. It is evident after you round the monument
that the original Roman street level was about two meters below the current level,
according to excavations done in the plaza.

The Pantheon’s rotunda, which is Italian for “round,” was actually the first part of the
monument to be constructed employing

Roman Forum, also known as Forum Romanum in Latin, was the most significant forum
in ancient Rome. Roman Forum is the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. It was located on a flat area between the Capitoline and Palatine hills.
In republican times, gladiatorial battles, law courts, and public gatherings all took place
in the Roman Forum, which was also lined with stores and outdoor marketplaces. Many
of the city’s most impressive temples and monuments were located there throughout the
empire, when it primarily served as a hub for religious and secular performances and


Italian for “Monte Palatino,” Palatine Hill is a four-sided elevation that rises 168 feet (51
meters) above sea level and 131 feet (40 meters) south of Rome’s Forum. It is 5,700
feet in diameter (1,740 metres). On the Palatine, where the city of Rome was
established, archeological finds include everything from ancient artifacts to the
remnants of imperial buildings.

Despite a general starkness that is softened by the artistically manicured plants, the
Palatine is topographically complex and scenically appealing. On top of earlier locations
and constructions, multistory buildings have been constructed level after level.

Most Popular Tourist Attraction In Italy

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