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tareq i
tareq i
It was a great experienced with their support. Well price in higher than the official site but i can not complain. Becouse, it wan not available on the colosseum website when i booked it. I found them communicative as they have sent the ticket in both email and whatsapp.
Alexandra W
Alexandra W
Very easy visit Very easy experience we just got the tickets not the guide so didn’t need to meet with anyone. The tickets were delivered electronically the night before our visit.
Alex Retro
Alex Retro
Don’t buy Skip The Lane, just normal ones as there is no difference on entry apart of price Trip is ok but actually there is no point buying “Skip The Lane” tickets as all people goes same way.
M kashem
M kashem
Good communication Well communication. Got my ticket by the night before. It was a bit confusing to me also as there’re is another we code from viator. However, they communicated through WhatsApp and sent the pdf.
Easy access to Colosseum Easy to book tickets. Easy to get in contact with support when I needed to. Friendly and serviceminded contact at the agency.
Daiane A
Daiane A
Nice service from dreams Very easy and efficient. Visitors should maybe find out if there are long queues the day they come and see if is better to just pay on colosseum. I have bee there 3 times, 2 before covid and now I see the queues are faster due to the costumers buying more and more online. It would probably not take more then 10 minutes to buy directly there. Saturday 09
Good place ! Good experience ! Overall good experience ! Friendly staff and prompt response booking until directions !Nice and clean environment !

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